Color of the Week:

top-14Just imagine. You’re waking up all nice and snuggly under your warm covers on a chill winter morning. It’s one of those mornings where you just… can’t. You physically can NOT get out of bed and face the cold. No thank you very much.


But then the smell of a hot breakfast seeps into your room. Suddenly you feel as though life could possibly go on outside of these nice, toasty covers. The inviting scent of warm waffles finally coaxes you out of bed and into the kitchen. Now what could make the morning even sweeter? Pouring rich, smooth, colorful boysenberry syrup all over your fluffy waffles.

No, this isn’t an ad for boysenberry syrup. But hopefully we will convert you to the wonderful world of the beautiful boysenberry.

When we think of boysenberries, we often think of boysenberry syrup. Although these berries do make for a wonderful syrup, they serve as the inspiration for many other tasty treats.

To find these recipes, check out our Boysenberry Pinterest board.


The boysenberry is a cross between a European raspberry, a common blackberry, an American dewberry, and a loganberry. Now just because the boysenberry is a summertime berry doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the beautiful color all year round.

The rich not-exactly-purple hue of boysenberry is a great accent color especially for winter outfits. The rosy undertone of the color makes it look deep and warm against a snowy white.


Boysenberry is a lovely and romantic color, making it a wonderful choice for a wedding. Pair it with lavender for a soft, but luscious mix of colors.



So as the snow storm clouds start rolling in during the coming months (unless you’re in California, where the rest of us should be), make sure to keep warm with not only your boysenberry waffles, but your boysenberry scarf too.

  • Melinda Shepherd

    What a breathtaking color. So rich you can almost taste it. This would make an amazing wedding color for my red-headed daughter!